Survival Tactics Covid-19


The convenience of online shopping is now also a necessary step in keeping yourself and loved ones safe during this troubling time of the Covid-19. We have most products you would need and want, to make indoor life a bit more bearable while we try to prevent the spread of the virus.


After buying online, we encourage you to maintain all suggested preventive practices when receiving your package and interacting with the drivers. In addition to those, please follow the additional steps below when receiving your package from any source.

1. Clean the package with disinfectant wherever possible.
2. Never touch your face or someone else’s face immediately after you have handled the package.
3. After retrieving your product from its packaging, place the packaging in a place where no one can come into contact with it.
4. Wash your hands immediately after handling the package.

Much as a lot of effort is put into making sure that the virus is not spread through our value chain, services and networks, it is always wise to treat everything you touch as potentially Covid-19 positive.

Be safe.