Major and Minor services, vehicle diagnostics, general repairs on all brands of vehicles.


With cars becoming more technologically advanced, it becomes absolutely necessary for vehicle owners to have their vehicle serviced by a workshop that understands the intricate systems of modern vehicles and are equipped with the necessary technologies to effectively maintain your vehicle. It is no longer enough to just replace oil, replace filters and spark plugs in your vehicle. Todays vehicles have subsystems that play major roles in the efficiency of the vehicles performance and environmental impact.

Taking your vehicle to our workshop will ensure that:

  1. All systems are running optimally.
  2. Your vehicle is safe for you to use.
  3. The vehicle’s reliability increases.
  4. The vehicle is economical to own.
  5. The vehicle is not impacting negatively on our environment.
  6. The vehicle’s mechanical integrity, all safety systems, battery, tyres, lights, errors within the cars computer are checked.
  7. The service light for the specific service is reset.

Modern cars use condition based maintenance strategy and as a result, pricing varies dramatically based on what service needs to be done and what components need to be used in the service. This also influences the amount of time spent on the service, which will influence the total cost of the service. We use high quality spares for services to ensure that your vehicle performs as it should and is as reliable as it should. We do all that professionally at competitive pricing. 

Contact us for pricing and to set an appointment.

  • GWM Front
  • Radio replace1
  • Radio replaced
  • Diag1
  • Reset diag 1