We offer vehicle aircon re-gassing service at competitive prices.

But first, let’s talk about driving experience.

We have to admit that the driving experience improves when the climate in the car is cooler. So the obvious gain with air conditioning is that, you can reduce the temperature in your car without having to open the windows. Driving slowly with the windows down is ok, but we don’t recommend it on speeds above 60KM/H. Not only are the winds uncomfortable for you and your passengers, but the noise created by the wind at those speeds is enough to damage your hearing.

Why is it called air conditioning you ask? Well, that is because that’s exactly what it does, it conditions the air by removing excess moisture from it, which makes those hot days a bit bearable. However, that is not all the benefits. The aircon can de-mist your windscreen by evaporating moisture in the cabin far quicker than the heater. This is particularly helpful if you have a people in the car that are damp, like after running etc. Most air conditioning units can de-mist your windscreen, side glass and rear screen highly effectively.

This gives you much safer conditions to drive in since visibility will be restored. It also helps with reducing fatigue while driving by providing cleaner, fresher air. This helps to prevent drowsiness, keeping you fresh and alert.

With air conditioning, you need to keep your windows closed, even on the hottest of days. The other benefit of that is that your vehicle’s aerodynamics are at optimum levels, increasing your safety while minimizing wind drag. This translates to some fuel savings from running a little smoother through the air.

Modern air conditioners do not waste huge amounts of fuel. Yes, it’s not particularly economical to use your air conditioning if you’re driving 10 to 15 minutes at a time in a packed up area. However, for longer journeys, air conditioning will barely affect fuel consumption.

The most important thing to remember as that, all cars will need an air conditioner service by the time they are three to four years old. From then on, they need to be checked regularly to ensure that the air conditioning system remains efficient and does not have germs.

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